Blast: A Tank Game

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Blast is a free top-down tank shooter, boasting impressive graphics, an extensive upgrade system and simple, enjoyable gameplay.
Some of the key focal points when developing the game were: customization, graphics, simplicity and an overall smooth gameplay experience. Blast features an extensive tank upgrade system with 45 different upgrades. Players can customize and improve their tanks by earning upgrades while playing through the game. When developing Blast, a lot of attention was paid towards the game’s graphics, to create beautiful 3D environments and stunning visuals. The combination of player customization, exquisite graphics, immersive audio, and simple, fun gameplay create an unrivalled experience.


Thousand downloads

1 download every 14 seconds


Thousand sessions

1 login every 9 seconds


Thousand levels played

1 level played per second


Million Seconds

a combined playing time of 37 days


Free download from the APP store


Torus. is a simple, yet extremely captivating 2D action / arcade game. This viral success was chosen as game of the day in 137 countries on the App Store and has seen itself at number one on the top charts multiple times.
Torus. is the ultimate ‘time killer game’, featuring a beautifully simplistic art style and incredible audio. Compete with players around the world and make your way to the top of the leaderboard!


Thousand downloads

1.2 downloads per second


Thousand sessions

1.8 logins per second


Million attempts

19 attempts per second


Million seconds

a combined playing time of 1 year

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Torus. is a fun, fast-paced, engaging arcade game that people love to have on their phones for quick and relaxing play sessions – as evidenced by the high number of 5-star reviews

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Sixteen-year-old self-taught Johannesburg game developer Brandon Kynoch is celebrating after the App Store chose his game Torus as its Game of the Day in 137 App stores worldwide.

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