My name is Brandon Kynoch, I am currently 17–years–old and living in Johannesburg, South Africa. I gained a huge interest in game development, programming and graphic design at the age of eleven. Since then I have taught myself absolutely everything that I know in this regard by using free learning resources on the internet and computer science books purchased on Amazon.

Initially I was more interested in digital art and graphics design, because I am very artistically talented and grew up painting from the age of seven. I mainly did 3D art and photo-realistic renderings from the age of eleven to thirteen. This really grew my skills in terms of the graphical side of game development and made me the talented game artist that I am today. I also managed to get two of my best renders published in 3D Artist magazine, an internationally distributed magazine.

At the age of 13 my interest shifted back to game development. Now that I was skilled in computer graphics and art I focused a lot on programming. I have learnt C# and java, I use C# to develop all of my apps and consider myself a highly experienced C# programmer. I also spend a lot of time studying computer science, again through online courses and various books. I have a huge interest in algorithms and algorithm analysis, and have even won myself two university scholarships and numerous other prizes from modifying and programming an algorithm which I then entered into an international science expo.


I’m convinced that about half of what separates successful entrepreneurs from the non-successful ones is pure perseverance.” – Steve Jobs

I was developing small games purely for the fun of it and to further improve my skills. ‘Blast: A Tank Game’ was the first game that I had ever published. It started out as just another small game that I was developing for fun, but I soon realized that it had a lot of potential. I thought that with a bit more effort the standard of my games would be on par with professional titles, and so I decided to start my own studio, ‘Hard Graft Studios’ and start publishing my games.

Blast was in development for just under two years before the first release. I did all of the work on Blast myself, apart from the audio design and music composition which I outsourced to Parker Duncan, a talented sound designer from a studio based in California called Pyramind Studios. I was very happy with the final product and the performance of Blast on the App Store considering that it was my first published game. Since the launch of Blast, I have decided to focus on much smaller games (such as Torus.) to further grow my studio and build a name for myself. I realized that I didn’t have the capacity to continue work on Blast and release frequent updates.

Unfortunately school has always kept me extremely busy and limited my development, the only time that I get to work on my games is during my holidays. After matriculating, I would like to move to North America. I want to study computer science at MIT or Stanford, if not then elsewhere in the United States. I would one day like to develop my studio headquarters in America, and grow it into a triple A studio.